Mi Anachnu — Who are we?

Bnei Akiva, a non-profit organization, is more than just a youth movement. It’s about living a lifestyle, being part of a community and, most of all, being part of an incredible journey.

Learning about Judaism in fun and innovative ways, discovering Israel and Zionism, making new friends, and meeting excellent role models to learn from are all part of what Bnei Akiva's about.

Bnei Akiva runs weekly educational activities, summer camps, Israel programs and so much more! Toronto is also home to the only Bnei Akiva School outside of Israel.

In an age where money talks, the movement is a counter-culture where volunteering, idealism and passion are what matters. It creates the most beautiful of cycles, where madrichim become role models and inspire their chanichim to join the Bnei Akiva journey.

There really is something for everyone. Bnei Akiva is a special place for young people to meet in a positive, safe and exciting environment.

We invite you to BA part of the Bnei Akiva family!

BA's Beginnings

Bnei Akiva was established in Israel, as the youth movement of Mizrachi, on Lag Ba’Omer 5689 (May 28, 1929), a date associated with Rabbi Akiva. From small beginnings, it became a world movement, comprising over 140,000 members in over 40 countries.

Yad Achim, the movement anthem, was written by Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Neriya, Bnei Akiva's first madrich, in 1932.

Mizrachi is the umbrella movement of Bnei Akiva. It is a Torah driven, community focused educational organization committed to Jewish identity and destiny which inspires people throughout Canada through the synthesis of our core values: the Torah, Land and the People of Israel.


Moshava Ba’ir Toronto is a Bnei Akiva day camp imbued with a love for Israel and a passion for Judaism. Education in an informal setting are the perfect ingredients for a fulfilling and fun summer experience!


Camp Moshava Ennismore promotes a personal connection with Torat Yisrael, Am Yisrael, and Eretz Yisrael. Leadership skills nurtured during summers at Camp Moshava continue to help transform our campers and staff into committed and dedicated Jewish leaders in communities around the world.


Bnei Akiva Schools, comprising Yeshivat Or Chaim and Ulpanat Orot, emphasize excellence in both Judaic and general studies, a commitment to religious growth, and a close attachment to the language, land and people of the State of Israel.


Mach Hach BaAretz is the premier summer tour of Israel for Grade 10. Through original programming, visiting historical sites, and engaging modern Israel, Mach Hach BaAretz participants experience Israel first hand and develop a deep understanding and connection to Eretz Yisrael.


Yeshivat Torah vʼAvodah and Midreshet Torah vʼAvodah, two separate programs for highly motivated high school graduates, are the first yeshiva programs to offer a truly integrated post high school year experience. In one incredible year, you will experience life-changing growth in your connection to Torah, to the Jewish people, and to the land and State of Israel.