Bogrim's Survey (and Hanhalla Application Form)

Bogrim are crucial to Bnei Akiva's success story. You are the people who live out the ideology you have learned during your years in the movement.

Now's the opportunity to continue your Bnei Akiva journey, either as a participant in various bogrim's events, or by helping out and offering support and guidance where it's most needed.

Help us to know exactly what you'd like and how you can help by completing this brief survey. Everyone who fills it in will be entered into a draw to win one of two $10 gift vouchers for a coffee shop of your choice!

Bogrim's Events
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Helping at Bnei Akiva
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I'd like to be engaged ideologically through:
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HANHALLA (only complete this section if you are interested in joining the hanhalla)
The Hanhala is the ideological board of Bnei Akiva of Toronto. Members will discuss ideological topics that will place you in a position to impact Bnei Akiva’s ideology and programming. The Hanhalla will also support the ongoing programming of Bnei Akiva.
I am interested in taking greater leadership role as a member of the Toronto Hanhalla